Welcome to Jababeka Golf & Country Club


International standard restaurant with wide variety of dinning options offering delicious, mouth-watering dishes from Indonesia and countries around the world with capacity up to 200 seats. We have selection of Indonesian, Western, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese menu to meet your expectation. 

The combination of excellent service, the magnificent view of the golf course and serene location provide a thoroughly relaxing dining option to relieve the stress of the day. 

Our most favourite menu are: Sop Buntut, Nasi Goreng Jababeka, Es Campur.

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About Us

Jababeka Golf & Country Club is a semi-private club offering a superb golfing environment.

Located just 40 minutes from Semanggi cloverleaf in Jakarta. Jababeka is accessible to golfers rediding in Jakarta as well as those working and living in the surrounding suburb or East Jakarta.