Welcome to Jababeka Golf & Country Club


Jababeka Golf & Country Club offer a number of flexible membership options and benefit to match. Categories of Membership include Individual, Family, Corporate and Executive One Year. Members receive priority bookings and special prices on selected facilities. Our Sales & Marketing department is conveniently located on the properly, and interested golfers are invited our visit our office. Alternatively please phone to make an appointment at your convenience on (021) 8936148 (hunting).

Membership Individual Open Corporate
Pricing 150,000,000 350,000,000
Annual Dues 21,000,000 49,000,000
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About Us

Jababeka Golf & Country Club is a semi-private club offering a superb golfing environment.

Located just 40 minutes from Semanggi cloverleaf in Jakarta. Jababeka is accessible to golfers rediding in Jakarta as well as those working and living in the surrounding suburb or East Jakarta.